Day 1 - “And Off We Go.....”


I think just about every kid that grew up in America or any one who has moved here from abroad has dreamed of the true “Cross Country American Road Trip.” Every one of us in the RV are no different! When the idea for this first came up each one of us at some point said”I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that!” Welp, then lets just go do it!

The whole trip stems from buying a huge lot of cards from a great collector on Twitter. Mario offered top a bunch of high grade cards of Jordan, LeBron, Curry and Brady. It was a fair deal and we jumped at the chance to have some of them sold in shop and others in my own collection. He had offered to fly us out to pick up the cards as well but instead we thought, “Why not take that American road trip but also stop at all the cool shops and visit all the collecting friends we’ve met online over the years along the way?” So that is how we built the trip itinerary! We are going to visit shops we have been to, shops we have only heard about from the community and, my favorite, meet other collectors that we have only known through a screen and on social media!

The best part of this hobby is the community. Sure we love the cards, we love amazing pickups. But the best part of a card is not just the player we love but the story behind the card arriving in your collection. So let's go meet the folks we know, the customers we have that are FAR from Lexington, KY. Lets go trade with the great group of guys in Grand Island, Nebraska, buy some wax in St. Louis and rip a pack or two in front of the Grand Canyon. Why not? We will create a lot of memories along the trip and have cards we will pick up that store those memories in our collections forever. We have tons of stuff to give to the young collectors across the country and gifts for the old guard as well. We are officially on our way and truly hope we get to fist bump with all yall! It may look like a but if a clown car full of dogs (yes we brought our 2 Great Danes) and people but then again, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

From somewhere in Middle America,

Jimmy, David, Holly, Cathy….AND Daisy and Booker



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