Day 2 - St Louis, MO

Man, what an incredible day 2 on this trip. After crazy night of the heater breaking in the RV and a 6 AM carbon monoxide alert forcing every window open in 10 degree weather, we needed a warm fun, place to rejuvenate. Without question, my friend Ryan’s shop, RBICru7, provided the oasis. Ryan has been a long time friend in the hobby that more than just a great shop owner. He and his partner Neil are business minds we look up to and card aficionados like myself turn to when looking for advice. More importantly, they are incredible human beings. SO much of my best stuff came from their shop over the years and remains in my collection to this day. You always want to find those guys in the hobby that treat people right. That give honest opinions and help guide you as a collector to a good decision. These men have always done that and we have had a ball in the process.

We ripped some National Treasures basketball, a huge risk that had some great cards but nothing extraordinary on the current market. As we know, that may change as players emerge, but that honestly wasn’t the highlight of our day. It really wasn’t even centered around cards we picked up. It was the people. It is always the people.

David A., who has his own business in which he does athlete signings, dropped in with a picture of Devin Booker dropping 70 points in the Boston Garden, signed by Booker, and another of Hami Diallo dunking over Shaq in the Dunk Contest also signed. He donated both to be displayed in our shop back in Kentucky! ABSOLUTELY gorgeous pictures and what a generous gesture to just come in and hand them to us! Thats what I love so much about this hobby community. The generosity component is very real and tangible.Ive seen SO many people give to kids, friends, strangers and other collectors just because they know they can help.

We also had our good friend Nicholas, a student in the area and huge T-Wolves fan, come in and rip some football with us. He went home with some gifts from his Kentucky friends and has a Karl Anthony-Towns patch waiting on him at the shop when he returns! We met “Baseball Agent” a man who buys into our breaks and just wanted to say hello and met up with us for a minute. Another great sports memorabilia collector who loves watching the video and is a huge Kansas fan decided to stop by and say hey as well. All of them had a similar theme to the visits, They all talked about how fun the hobby was for them and that the people they met have become friends and people they respect.

Lastly our fellow UK fan and follower, David Reid stopped by right before we left. He brought his son and came up in the RV to just chat Kentucky Basketball and life for as few minutes. We parted after exchanging gifts with promises of visits to Rupp Arena, future care packages and plans for an April trip to the Bluegrass. Those meetings are my favorite. They highlight the bond that exists in sports and in collecting.

Now we are on to Kansas City! Time to see some Baseball History, Basketball legends and BBQ!

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