We Start Rolling on Monday, February 8th!

A few weeks ago we decided to buy some great cards to hold onto, to do a deal that helps a man and his family buy a farm, AND a deal that makes a long time dream/adventure come true! We've rented an RV, are about to pack up the Great Danes and drive to Fresno, CA to pick up these beautiful cards!

We want to go all out on the Mahan (Griswald?) family card trip & stop along the way seeing friends, shops and folks I’ve always wanted to meet in person! I want to see lots of collectors, pass out some PC gifts to longtime online friends, rip packs in the ole RV booth, and do it all on the way to pick up a beautiful collection of RCs of some of the greatest players ever.

We're going to be blogging about the whole adventure here! Check back daily to see photos and videos from the road as we make our way to Fresno, and back to Lexington!

Some sales are all about immediacy, or just the money at hand, which I’m not so much about, not all the time. But it’s not always the whole story. This isn’t about flipping, current market price, good deal or bad deal, it's about being able to do something different, a dream I’ve always had of a cross country card journey & a trip that adds to a blessed hobby life while we create some fresh stories along the way! I can’t WAIT to see & meet some of y’all on the road...! LETS GO!

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