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Blessed. This life has been BLESSED! I grew up in Lexington, KY and attended high school at Woodberry Forest in Orange, VA and college at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. I then had the opportunity to embark on the dream of being a high school teacher in Pinehurst, NC. During those years of teaching, eventually becoming a principal and even a jaunt as an academic counselor for Tubby Smith at Kentucky, the hobby of collecting still grew slowly but passionately in my home! After earning a masters at N.C. State while working full time in education, an opportunity to work with family on a small start up bank in Wilmington, NC presented itself. Who knew Live Oak Bank would become so much from the 4 of us in a garage office at my father's house?

Seven years later and a whole lot of adventures in between, including finding the love of my life, the beautiful, pack ripping, soccer playing, heat pulling Miss Cathy, we decided to return to the life of working with kids. Cathy and I moved to Crossnore, NC and joined the team at The Crossnore School, a group home for foster kids that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. Attempting to put that experience in to a sentence is impossible, however I can tell you it was life altering in a great way. It also led to an opportunity to join with a beautiful piece of my past and a team of friends that are truly family. Camp Sea Gull, on the coast of NC, came calling for a Staffing Director and the 2 years there, along with young men we met who were dedicated on changing the world, proved to be beyond inspiring. They actually inspired all of this you see here! 

Throughout all these travels and this incredible life, sports cards and memories have been an intrinsic thread of joy and friendship. At the end of the Sea Gull adventure and years of experience in business, people and cards, it was time to try something on my own. That led to the idea that is now the Kentucky Roadshow!


I have been a sports fan my entire life.  In my younger days, I enjoyed collecting as a hobby. I am a graduate of Tulane University and served as basketball manager during my college days. As I much as I wanted something sports related as my daily work, my path took me to Camp Sea Gull, where I grew up as a child and worked seasonally during my high and college summers. I was fortunate to spend 30+ years working for Sea Gull. During my time at camp, I held my different roles, but the consistent factor was the impact that I was making in the lives of others and the relationships that I was able to build.

I am thrilled to be reconnecting with Jimmy and traveling this journey with him. I am excited about continuing to build relationships and make an impact in the lives of others thru the hobby of sports card collecting.

If you are in the Lexington area, we can't wait to meet you in person at the shop or shake hands while on our travels!



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